Our Appeals

We have various appeals specific to the need of our community. It is only through your donations that these project can continue to provide a sense of normality and relief for our affected communities.

Rebuild South Africa Humanitarian Appeal

We are working tirelessly to mobilise relief aid and essential resources to the elderly, the young and the vulnerable within communities directly affected by the unrest.

Emergency Food Appeal

We actively mobilise with teams on the ground and work with non-profit organisations and wage relief projects to ensure our communities are fed.

Babies & The Elderly Appeal

We supply essentials resources and infant relief to orphanages, places of safety and aged care.

Small Business Appeal

We are currently mobilising small to medium enterprise wage relief. Our long term goal and focus will be to uplift and resuscitate small businesses affected in our community, ultimately benefiting the national economy.

Logistics & Transport Appeal

We are utilising our networks, distribution frameworks and transport contacts to bring essential relief from other parts of the country to affected regions.

Trauma & Psychological Appeal

Our goal is to provide trauma & mental health support and psychological relief to those displaced and affected by the riots and unrest.

Housing & Basic Needs Appeal

This project will focus solely on rental relief, transportation funding and temporary accommodation for those whose lives have been affected by the unrest or affects of unemployment.

Animal Appeal

We are actively collecting & mobilising assistance for families financially affected by the crisis, ensuring their animals are well fed and safe.